Introduction to snowshoeing

The snow crunches under your feet as you make your way through endless taiga forests, frozen swamps and river creeks. You can sense the untamed wilderness of Napapiiri, the Arctic Circle.

Your guide will teach you the technique of snow shoeing, and we will spend time learning going uphill and downhill – you will get to test your limits with the snowshoes. Then the trip takes us to the Oulanka National Park.

Once you return back the centre, you will receive the Arctic Circle diploma, a testimonial that you have crossed Napapiiri, the Arctic Circle.


Duration 2,5 h.

Price 49 € / person
Including certified guide, hot juice, MSR/Tubbs snowshoes and poles, nature conservation fee, liability insurance and vat.

Arctic Circle Napapiiri at Karhunkierros