Women on the Trail

Hiking without a heavy backpack and the crammed sleeping spaces of wilderness huts is now possible. Basecamp Oulanka is now offering 3 hiking days, 2 paddling days and 6 overnight stays in the national park with full-board service. The only thing left for you to do is to enjoy the nature around you. You are on a holiday.

We have made it as easy as possible for you to get the Karhunkierros diploma. It is enough that you come to us with your used sneakers and exercise clothes. From us you will get all the necessary gear to do the hike.

Charity work

From the payment you will give minimum 20 euros to nature conservation through the Oulu University research center and Basecamp Oulanka. This money is used to help the national park and its surrounding areas to stay as they are for the future generations.

B = Breakfast, TL= Trail lunch, L= lunch, D= Dinner, GT= Gear transfer

Day 1 – Welcome!

Arrival at Basecamp Oulanka, check in and welcoming dinner. After dinner we go trough the upcoming hike with our guide as we learn some wilderness skills and get our gear. In the evening sauna and outdoor hot tub help us relax and get ready for the adventure in Oulanka national park! (D)

Day 2 – Hiking from Ruka to Basecamp Oulanka

Today we hike the first part of the Karhunkierros trail! The route starts from atop of Ruka ski center. From there we can see ahead of us the shapes of Valtavaara and Konttainen, our next targets. On top of Valtavaara we come to a small wilderness hut and we can admire the view around us. Perhaps a Siberian Jay will come and greet us, they often are looking for something to eat from the travelers. After Valtavaara we come to the steep steps of Konttainen. The hard work is rewarded on top of Konttainen with another beautiful view that reaches all the way to Kitka lake and beyond. From here we continue to Kumpuvaara and our break place Porontimajoki. As we get closer to Juuma and Basecamp Oulanka everyone has given their best. It is time to have a good night sleep between clean sheets and let your feet have a rest in the hot tub. (B, TL, D)

Day 3 – National park’s most beautiful sceneries rafting trip

After gearing up at Basecamp Oulanka we start our day with a short hike to Jyrävä waterfall along the famous Little Bear Trail. In a calm waters we practice safety issues and our guide will explain us instructions needed for our tour.

On this route we get to experience the tranquillity of northern nature, all the way down to the Russian border zone without motors! Along the scenery route we will have some gentler rapids from class I to class II and swiftly running waters to explore the beautiful landscape of Oulanka National Park.

While you’re having a break on the raft enjoying some snacks, river will take us through the magical taiga forest and you get to enjoy the silence and beauty of river valley. Do take your camera with you that can be stored into a dry bag to keep it safe! Transfer back to Basecamp will take about 45 minutes.

After the rafting we enjoy the Finnish sauna with Sauna yoga. This is an excellent way to relax and stretch your muscles. During this calming 30 minutes you can concentrate on yourself and get ready for the upcoming day. (B, L, D)

Day 4 – Hiking from Basecamp Oulanka to Kiutaköngäs

Today the trail takes us to Oulanka nationalpark. We start the hike among the sceneries of the famous Little Bear Trail. The deep canyon of Kitka river is beautiful with its white water rapids. The day takes us finally from many different beautiful nature sights all the way to Oulanka river and we see where the national park gets its name from. This day will be remembered from the many river sceneries. In the afternoon we arrive at Oulanka visitor center. Our luggage is waiting for us at our accommodation in the research center. A delicious dinner is served at the visitor center and while we eat we can go over our favourite parts of the day. (B, TL, D, GT

Day 5 – Paddling among the Oulanka river

We start our trip from under Kiutaköngäs. Here our guide tells us the right technique to paddling and all the safety information we need. Now we are ready to start!

The Oulanka rivers calm flow and its ever changing profile make it the perfect paddling river. High and steep river bends rise above us as we travel on between the sandy beaches. Here we are separated from the rest of the world and can see animals enjoying the summer day. A reindeer laying on the sand and a golden eagle soaring above the river valley. We end our trip at Nurminniemi where we have a transfer back to the visitor center.

In the evening we enjoy dinner at the visitor center and spend the night at the research center. (B, TL, D)

Day 6 – Hiking from Kiutaköngäs to the arctic circle

After a filling breakfast we start the last and longest part of our hike. Today we are walking to the end point of the Karhunkierros trail in Hautajärvi, the arctic circle. During the hike we see the Taivalköngäs rapid as well as the Oulanka canyon. When we arrive at the arctic circle, it is time to celebrate: we did it! We raise a celebratory glass of sparkling wine and get diplomas for our achievement. After getting to know the visitor center we hop on our transfer back to Basecamp Oulanka for our last evening together. (B, TL, D, GT)

Day 7 – Check out
It is time to say goodbye to all the new friends we have made along the way and to the national park. On our way home we can recall the amazing sceneries of the national park and all the new experiences we had on the way.

Includes the self guided hiking days mentioned on the program, self guided paddling on Oulanka river, guided national park’s most beautiful sceneries rafting trip, guided sauna yoga, use of sauna and hot tub, all meals mentioned in the program, a glass of wine with the dinners, accommodation mentioned in the program in shared rooms,

Arctic Circle Napapiiri at Karhunkierros