Floating on the River

Come enjoy a summer day with friends! Relaxed going and floating on the beautiful Oulanka river with our guide. Bring with you a device for floating and let the river take you. Whether you have a tire from a tractor or a inflatable mattress, everybody is welcome!

We start the floating after Kiutaköngäs and we float all the way to Nurminiemi. The calm current, changing surroundings and pristine nature make Oulanka river the perfect spot for some relaxed summer fun. Around you you can see the reindeer enjoying the weather on the sandy beaches of the river. The only sounds around you are the rush of the river and the singing of the birds. You can decide if you want to paddle or just let the flow take you forward. We end our trip at Nurminiemi where there is a transfer back to Oulanka visitor centre.

Price 40 Euro per Person

includes snack and transfer, guide, VAT.

Possibility to rent life vest and floating devices.
Under 16 year old with parent

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